Durham D&D

Session VI


Targen – Half-Orc Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard (Michelle)
Isa – Human Monk (Jessica, author of this session summary)
Carl – “World’s Tallest Gnome” (Half-Elf) Sorcerer (Justin)
Midriana – Wood Elf Druid (Andrea)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Fighter (Jesse) – Absent

Rashid Al-Farid – Variant Human Fighter (Eldritch Knight) – Dual Wielder
Ali Al-Farid – Variant Human Rogue/Sorcerer

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, they had taken an outpost tower of the ruins of the Citadel of the Ravens from a group of gnolls and ogres. Ellaway, having acquired the language of the gnolls from overhearing their conversation, questions the captured gnoll. Feeoughan was the name he gave when pressed. Ellaway asked if he had seen a group of 8-10 people pas by in hopes of finding out more about the bandits threatening the hamlet of Graysdale. After counting on his fingers, the gnoll offered up that a group that size had passed by, one of them was flying, and they went, “that way,” pointing east.

Ellaway quickly put together that this was unlikely the group they were looking for, since the direction they were traveling was the opposite of what they had seen evidence for with the group of bandits. Targen and Carl advocated for disposing of the evil creature, once they had finished questioning it, but the compassionate Ellaway and Isa chose to keep him alive and bound.

The magic items found in the tower were identified and with the treasure were distributed and efforts for recovery from the fight were made. Watches were set, and in the middle of the night, Carl spotted four creatures approaching whose bodies were as dark as the night. Two flew on wings and two walked on the group. Carl attacked with a loud Thunderwave, waking everyone. Then watched as the creatures passed through the stone. Through their efforts, they realized that little outside of radiant energy did much harm to these creatures, and the fight was hard pressed. Midrianna and Targen both fell, and if not for the healing efforts of the party might have died.

After a lengthy recovery and long discussion of what lay in the area, the group decided to press on to the Citadel of the Raven in hopes of finding the bandits, or at least more resources to combat their threat.

With High Harvestide approaching rapidly, the group continued to travel north, away from Graydale.

High Harvestide: T Minus 12 days

Experience: 900
Down Days: 10
Intangible Rewards: Gnolledge



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