Durham D&D

Session XXI


Targen – Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard Enchanter (Michelle)
Isa – Human Way of the Shadow Monk (Jessica)
Carl – “World’s Tallest Gnome” (Half-Elf) Red Dragon Sorcerer (Justin)
Midriana – Wood Elf Circle of the Land Druid (Andrea)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Battle Master Fighter (Jesse)
Ourbanos – Tiefling Trickery Domain Cleric of Mask (Will)

When we last left our intrepid explorers, they were waiting outside the “principal’s office.” Just as they were ready to leave the room for later, Isa sat in the chair nearest the door and the mouth spoke, “You may enter now.” The door opened and Isa passed through, the door shutting her inside.

Meanwhile, Carl decided to continue on exploring and Targen followed to keep him out of trouble. They discovered a couple rooms that seemed to be set up for academy professors with robes and hats that magically adjust to fit the wearer.

In the “principal’s office,” Isa picked through the trinkets on the bookshelves and through the empty drawers of the desk. Using the mirror she found, she discovered a trigger inside the desk that expanded the desk top, revealing 6 more drawers and a music box figure. In the drawers were a Potion of Truth and the recipe for producing more, the key to the music box, and a Bottle of Boos.

Moving further along, they passed through a room with an illusion of Ingus Feyweather, stating, “You have entered the instructors’ wedge. Present your stripes, turn back, or be repelled.” Unseen forces soon after began forcefully pushing Bolton, who had entered the room, toward the stairs going down to somewhere on the previous level. The group used the two instructor’s robes to ferry people back and forth across the room without incident.

They then found a room with a balcony over looking the area below with the dragon and an adjoining room with a wall that could scry on the same space.

In the next room were three coffins containing skeletal remains and 6 skeletons without weapons or armor sitting against the opposite wall. When the sitting skeletons animated, the group disposed of them before they could act. In the room were two doors. One door had a sign that read, “for advanced students only.” Behind it were stairs heading up. The other door lead down a hallway to a circular room where a beautiful woman with black feathery wings, black armor, a black sword, and a whip sat within a circle of arcane runes, along with the skeletal remains of a body.

The paladin detected that the woman was a fiend, and they tried to talk to it, but it didn’t respond. Carl examined the runes and determined that it included the following spells and traits:
– Magic Circle (as the 3rd level spell) reversed to trap a target within and protect those without, and cast as a 9th level spell.
– Planar Binding (as the 5th level spell), cast as a 9th level spell.
– Permanent Binding – ritual effects and magic that make the circle and binding essentially permanent.
– Gate (as the 9th level spell)
– The circle’s physical existence is part of the permanency of the spell and thus could be broken by prime material creatures not under the influence of the magic (just by damaging the physical nature of the circle)
– The plane the Gate spell connects to is Dis in the Nine Hells

Ourbanos spoke to her in Infernal and she responded. He translated for the group. Targen insisted that everything she would say would be a lie. She explained that her name was Obatala, and that she was summoned and trapped here by an elf. The dead body was thrown into the circle a long time ago. She admitted to being a Devil, an Erinyes, explaining that her kind are fallen angels who once served gods but had lost favor and been cast out. Some of her kind accept their new role, serving higher devils, but others, like herself, seek redemption. She currently served Kelemvor, the god of the dead in the Nine Hells, who is not evil.

Ourbanos found her story believable but asked what caused her to be fallen. She asked Ourbanos not to share her story with the others. He agreed and she she explained that she had once served Tyr (the Paladin’s god), the god of justice, and too many times, the “justice” that Tyr called to have meted out was too harsh to Obatala, and she refused her duty. Ourbanos simply explained to the group that they needed to trust him about this, and that she should be set free.

Relying on the stories they had heard about devils and their obligation to adhere to oaths and contracts, they insisted that she give them anything she had that could be useful to them and swear an oath. She gave them her whip, a rope of entanglement, and spoke these words (in infernal):

“I swear an oath to my Lord, Kelemvor, that by his name I shall do y’all, no harm, seek my redemption, and to leave this plain as soon as I can.”

The group broke the seal and she thanked them before sitting and meditating. After about an hour, a tear in the fabric of reality appeared, revealing the hot, burning visage of the City of Dis, accompanied by the smell of sulfur and brimstone. She passed through the planar portal and departed from the tower. The rift closed behind them.

They continued on to a room with a single long table with piles of collected materials – 1 inch segments of string, torches, bowls, daggers, small clay statues, small door frames with locked doors, and stone blocks.

Isa easily picked one of the locks, some of the objects were gathered into the bag of holding after detect magic was cast on the lot and then the clay statues were identified as tiny clay golems. Those were collected as well.

Then they continued on to a room with keys hanging on the wall and three large cages. One contained the skeletal remains of a Griffon, which Bolton searched over for alchemical components. To the best of Bolton’s knowledge, the claws might have medicinal qualities, and the feather might cure blindness (though there were no feathers). Otherwise, some alchemists have been known to use skulls of large creatures for bowls and mortars, whether that provides any benefit is subject to debate.

Another of the cages appeared empty, and Isa immediately asked Carl, who had the keys, to open the cage door and lock her in. When all was resolved, Carl let her out.

The final cage was lined with metal and contained a boulder. Bolton tried to strike the boulder with his sword, but it rolled away. They tried to talk to the boulder, but it didn’t answer until Midriana spoke to it in Druidic.

The Galeb Duhr (earth elemental) explained that it was trapped by the elf that it came here to kill. It’s name is, Elbema’elolabefardapakigranbarjenfajopaquildevashar. Carl asked if they could call it Lola, and it answered, “Elbe, if you must.” It explained that it could not travel with them because it needed to to return to Varghess. No onw knew where that was. “Elbe” asked Midriana’s name and said he would tell Varghess about them and what they had done to free him. After Carl gave it one of his citrine dice and Ellaway gave it a marble, it rolled away.

Here we left our heroes, roughly half way done with the level.


Experience: 1600
Down Days: 10
Intangible: A sense of having done something good, freeing an Erinyes and a Galeb Duhr.
Coins: none

Mundane Treasure:
– The key for the music box.
– The recipe for Potion of Truth (Rare)
– A copper coin bearing the image of a legendary sage
– A wooden puppet of a female elf aristocrat
– A troll’s claw
– A silver collar
– A rock with a piece of string tied around it
– A lacy linen handkerchief embroidered with the letters A.M.
– A small iron cage which holds the carcass of a tiny two-headed turtle
– An empty wooden box which rattles when shaken
– A steel mirror set in a fanged maw of bronze
– A loosely-bound folio filled with text of an unknown language
– A four-sided die engraved with the symbols of four demon lords
– Griffin claws (8), with possible medicinal alchemical properties
– A Griffin skull

Magical Treasure:
– A Bottle of Boos – a small bottle, when opened, emits boos that can be heard by all within 60’. All who can hear the boos (including the opener) must roll a charm based Wisdom Save (DC 15) or have disadvantage on all ability checks and attack rolls for the next 1 minute. The boos occur with each opening, but the magical effect only functions the first time it is used each day. Roll 1d20 when the magical effect is used, on a 1 the bottle stops functioning completely. (Something Ingus concocted in his youth and held on to. From Polyhedron Newsine 23, designed originally for 2e).
– A Potion of Truth – the person who imbibes this potion must tell the complete truth to all questions asked for the next hour. The compelling need to tell the truth is such that they must continually talk, trying to provide clarity or detail until someone stops them.
– Tiny Clay Golem (6) – AC 14 (natural), 16 when using dex to defend,
HP 23 (3d10+6), Speed: 20
Str 14 (2), Dex 15 (2), Con 12 (1), Int 3 (-4), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 1 (-5)
Has the damage and condition immunities of its large counterpart (MM 168)
Has the acid absorption, berserk (8 hp or fewer), immutable form, magic resistence, and magic weapons characteristics
It’s actions are the same as a normal Clay Golem except it’s slam attacks are +4 to hit and inflict 8 (2d4
2), and the Constitution save DC is 12.
– Rope of Entanglement



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