Durham D&D

Session XXII


Targen – Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard Enchanter (Michelle)
Isa – Human Way of the Shadow Monk (Jessica)
Carl – “World’s Tallest Gnome” (Half-Elf) Red Dragon Sorcerer (Justin)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Battle Master Fighter (Jesse)
Ourbanos – Tiefling Trickery Domain Cleric of Mask (Will)
Anders Embershaper – Half-Elf Tome Pact w/ Elder God Warlock (Chris)

Temporarily Out
Midriana – Wood Elf Circle of the Land Druid (Andrea)

When we returned to our intrepid adventurers, they were departing from the room with large cages. As Midriana passed through a doorway, there was a momentary flash of light and Midriana was gone and an unfamiliar half-elf stood in her place. Carl was prepared to burn him where he stood, but Ourbanos, also being new to the group asked for patience. They learned that he had been trying to pass through this doorway for sometime. Ellaway explained that some places have portals between the planes and this might be one of them. The group tried for hours to find Midriana and bring her back, but they couldn’t find a solution, so the group carried on in hopes of finding another way to find her.

Meanwhile, Midriana had traveled through a planar portal to the City of Sigil, somewhere in the outer planes. Exploring her new surroundings, vividly different from what she was accustomed, she stood out. A strange looking elderly man approached her and said, “My dear, you seem to be lost. Could I be of some assistance.” After a bit of a conversation, the man explained that his name was Korombos Moon, a traveler from another world on the Prime Material plane, different from her own. His world was one not very accepting of magic, but he had explored and plumbed the depths and found this city to be more to his liking, and so built an establishment in Sigil. “You see, from the City of Doors, one can travel anywhere and anywhen. I am on odd breed of magician called a Chronomancer, and I travel through both planes and time, to keep balance in the multiverse. If you will agree to work with me for a time, I know ways to allow you to visit your friends, if only for a brief time. And in time, as repayment for your aid, I will see that you are you to them.”

Back at the tower, the group found two observation rooms, classrooms, a dining hall, magical kitchen and pantry, and a room that was half painted white. In the room were objects that when removed were found to be magical. The group identified and distributed them for use.

When they encountered a trapped woman claiming to be an angel, Targen used his special senses to determine that she was in fact a celestial. At the same time, however, he also realized that Bolton’s new sword contained an undead spirit. Trying to convince Bolton to give up the sword proved problematic.

Meanwhile, Isa has slipped away and become invisible.

Ourbanos convinced Bolton to return to the room where they found the objects, and placed the sword in the room. Bolton merely picked the sword up again. Ourbanos had realized that part of the room was magically dead, but the other part, where placed the sword, he didn’t realize until later, was a wild magic zone.

Once they were in the room, Isa placed the chime (which created a prison) in the room and closed the door, hoping to trap them inside. When Anders, their new companion tried to open the door, Isa attacked and became visible. Using her surprise and wild monk fighting skills, she brought him down to unconsciousness in mere seconds, and then declared that as long as no one opened the door, she wouldn’t fight anymore.

After much struggle and trial, the group managed to get Bolton and Isa into the magic dead space, where the curses seemed to have no power over them. They agreed to be tied up so the group could rest to recover the spells necessary to cure them. They left to try to free the Celestial with what magic they had left, before resting.

Alone in the room, Isa had her mouse chew her ropes to free her. Bolton seemed indifferent to the idea.

Though we have not reached that moment yet, when the group next awakens, they will awaken to two vital facts:

1. Bolton is now a woman.

2. Ellaway’s spellbook is missing, and she cannot prepare her spells.

Rewards (Pending)

Experience: 2200
Down Days: 10
Coins: none

Mundane Treasure:

Magical Treasure:



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