Durham D&D

Session XXIV


Targen – Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard Enchanter (Michelle)
Isa – Human Way of the Shadow Monk (Jessica)
Carl – “World’s Tallest Gnome” (Half-Elf) Red Dragon Sorcerer (Justin)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Battle Master Fighter (Jesse)
Ourbanos – Tiefling Trickery Domain Cleric of Mask (Will)
Anders Embershaper – Half-Elf Tome Pact w/ Elder God Warlock (Chris)

Temporarily Out
Midriana – Wood Elf Circle of the Land Druid (Andrea)

The internal struggle of the group continued as Isa continued to plague the group by secretively stealing from the group. Ourbanos was able to remove the curses from Bolton, and after a conflict, were able to dispell the curses on her.

Before Ellaway’s spellbook was returned, the group used the last of the remaining magical pigment to create a tunnel and break away an exit for the angel, Arariel, who had agreed to banish the spirit from the Sword of Vengence the group carried. Once freed she vanished, before banishing the spirit. The froup commented on her servitude to the God Amaunator, God of Sun and Law.

Exploring the rest of the floor, they found a few mundane rooms and a lecture hall, containing a scroll of counterspell.

Using the “Advanced Students” door, the group traveled up the stairs to be greeted by a disembodied warning from Ingus. The next room, containing four pillars carved with faces turned out not to have faces so much as stylized glyphs and wards. Before realizing this, Ourbanos and Bolton had vanished and Carl and Isa had teleported to the other side. Carl came up short and was stunned. Isa found herself facing 8 skeletons in the adjoining room, all alone. While the remainder of the group worked to resolve the warded room, Isa teleported behind an invisible wall and took out all the skeletons in under half a minute. Bolton resolved the extra dimensional planar maze quickly and helped to bypass the room. The remainder of the group made it through and waited for Ourbanos to return.

In the next room, a series of traps changed the gravity and slammed most of the group around. Isa remained unaffected because of her slippers of spider climbing.

Down the hall, opposing rooms contained a collection each of magical swords, each containing a bound spirit. In one room, angels, in the opposite, bound fiends. The group took the great sword from each room. They then found Ingus’s personal library and lab, where they found some encoded notes with arcane symbols involved in trapping souls, along with a spell book and a book of advanced alchemy.

Another room contained the summoning circle and equipment the group decided were likely used in the creation of the swords.

Finally, a large room containing a ziggurat with a secret door to an interior chamber where they found skeletal remains and crystaline object that detected as magical. Ellaway identified the object as being capable of creating an anti-magic circle.

This left the group with two unexplored areas, both of which were barred from the interior.


Experience: 2200
Down Days: 10
Coins: none

Mundane Treasure:

Magical Treasure:
– Scroll of Counterspell
– Anti-Magic Cylinder



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