Durham D&D

Session XXV


Targen – Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard Enchanter (Michelle)
Isa – Human Way of the Shadow Monk (Jessica)
Carl – “World’s Tallest Gnome” (Half-Elf) Red Dragon Sorcerer (Justin)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Battle Master Fighter (Jesse)
Ourbanos – Tiefling Trickery Domain Cleric of Mask (Will)
Anders Embershaper – Half-Elf Tome Pact w/ Elder God Warlock (Chris)

Temporarily Out
Midriana – Wood Elf Circle of the Land Druid (Andrea)

The powerful wizard, Ingus, had created a Magic Jar and placed his own soul in the receptacle and used it’s powers to take control of Ellaway.

(quick summary) – Ingus revealed himself trying to mass suggest everyone into a month of servitude. It got most people, but not everyone. They eventually caught and knocked out Ellaway’s body. They went back to town, eventually got Ingus out.

Jump ahead a few months to the year 1500.

Ourbanos found a Magic Rod and used it to create destination casino getaways. During one, a white haired man with an angel on one arm and a fiend on another approached him and said, “I’m sorry, but don’t worry, it all works out in the end.” As he walked away from the puzzled Ourbanos, two other patrons burst apart, leaving fiends where they stood. The fiends knocked Ourbanos out, taking the rod. Before he passed out her heard one of the fiends say, “can’t have a couple hundred getting away.”

Targen stayed behind and helped work on bringing the Dales to work with Graydale. Suddenly, things started going Graydales way. Targen hired a group of adventurers to go back to Ingus’s tower, but they never returned. Targen’s mother warned him to be cautious with Niels Graystag. A couple days later, she was crossing the bridge on the north side of town and Adlar Feshami’s horses spooked, knocking three people off the bridge. Targen’s mother was one. She struck her head on a rock and drowned in the river.

Ellaway stayed in town and worked with her uncle on spells and making backups of her spells. She completed her training with her Tome of Intellect. She also helped Anders work on research to pursue an artifact that he was looking for. Lastly, she researched a new Peanut Butter spell variant of the Web Spell – Puppynut Wubitubber.

Carl left in pursuit of Midriana and end up working for Koromobos Moon, though the rest of the group is unaware of what has happened with either of them.

Bolton went exploring in search of alchemical materials and went to work in a lab making potions. He hired a couple local laborers for help, and mass produced alchemical materials. In the process, he found the hilt that matches his pommel stone in what is becoming the sword of many pieces.

Isa went to Hillsfar to meditate in the temple. She was sent by her sensei to the plane of elemental Earth, where she found a fascinating object called the Kasaya of Earth.

New members of the group, Jim and Brisco were set upon by fiendish creatures at sea. Their ship was destroyed and they barely managed to make back to land. They learned of a destination casino getaway and decided to go and take the ship, only to find out it was a magical planar retreat. Again fiends interrupted their experience.

Jim and Brisco were there when Ourbanos came too. Isa had returned from the elemental plane to learn of the chaos that had infected the lands. She found her way to Ourbanos, Jim, and Brisco and suggested they go and find Bolton, Ellaway, and Targen.


Experience: Jump to Level 11
Down Days: 10
Coins: none

Mundane Treasure:

Magical Treasure: Various magic items acquired in the interim.



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