Madeline Graystag


Madeline Graystag

Madeline stands about 5’9 and his fairly fit. She maintains a short cut to her blonde hair that allows her to stay busy without every looking a mess. Despite her youthful looks, she is rapidly approaching 40. Her strong and forceful personality with those she has conflicts with keeps the Blushing Sapphire running smoothly, while her gentle demeanor with those who are good-hearted and supportive of the tavern have built her a strong network.


Niece of Niels Graystag, the High Stag of Graydale (the highest position in the dale), is also the owner of the Blushing Sapphire, a tavern and inn in Hillsfar, a few day’s ride from Graydale.

Madeline’s apparent nemesis is Gavin Dorlisch, a merchant who inherited the brewcraft business of the most popular ale in Hillsfar from his father William.

Madeline asked the PCs to investigate the theft of six barrels of ale purchased from Gavin. They discovered that Gavin stole them and returned them to his warehouse. With the testimony of the warehouse guard, Ralph, the PCs arranged for Gavin to be arrested.

In thanks, Madeline has made the food and drink of the Blushing Sapphire free for the PCs, as well as rooms when they are available.

Madeline Graystag

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