Durham D&D

Going Forward from Here

This is an update rather than an adventure Log.

We discussed on Sunday that I will be moving in a few months and it would be good to transition the group into something that might make for a sustainable game in the future.

In the short term, partly because I’m hitting burnout as my internship approaches its end and I have extra work to do, I’ll be running The Lost Mines of Phandelver with new, randomly generated characters (one of whom died in the first session).

This will give us some fluff gaming that requires minimal prep on my part (having already read it previously), and yet leave room for some one off trial runs of games. Current proposals include:

- Jesse’s Campaign setting – a sort of post apocalyptic fantasy setting (akin to dark sun), where Chaos magic has wreaked havoc on the wilderness. (Justin has proposed playing a Chaos Sorcerer, I was considering a Priest of Sheogorath (Oblivion’s Daedric Prince (God) of Insanity)., but we’ll have to wait and see. - Microscope – a GMless campaign building game, beginning with the broad sweep of history and working down to finer details. - Mouseguard – a d6 based RPG where everyone plays mice (I haven’t really looked at the rules yet, but it seems a bit like Tales of Despereaux meets Princess Bride).

Note: we’ll have guests on June 19th who want to try out D&D 5e, so we should probably runs Mines of Phandeliver through then at least.

See you all at the game!



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