Durham D&D

Session I
3 Yelling Merchants, 2 Injured Nobles, and a Pegasus Flying Away


Targen – Half-Orc Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard (Michelle)
Isa – Human Monk (Jessica)
Carl – “World’s Tallest Gnome” (Half-Elf) Sorcerer (Justin)
Midriana – Wood Elf Druid (Andrea)

The Story So Far…

The story begins before the beginning in the small hamlet of Graydale. The town build on the success of retired adventurer, Grim Graystag, faced the dilemma of brigands in the Eastern Heartlands on the continent of Faerun. Setting one of the local farms ablaze, the brigands declared they would return after the harvest and leave with four-fifths or they would leave the town in ashes.

Graydale reached out to the other dales for aid and defense. At first no word came, and then rejection. Graydale had fought for decades to be recognized as one of the dales and gain a seat on the Council of the Dales with no luck. The Scales of the Eastern Heartland, a temple in Graydale dedicated to Tyr, sent the adopted son, Targen Hecht, of one of its priests on a quest to find support from the neighboring communities or at least to hire adventurers or mercenaries to come to their aid.

He set out with his companion Ellaway, cousin of Graydale’s own local wizard. Targen first traveled to Shadowdale to seek out the powerful and benevolent wizard of renown, Elminster. He wasn’t home. He then traveled to Hillsfar, to seek the aid of the Red Plumes. They saw, “no financial gain” in the endeavor.

Finally, desperate for help, he elicited the aid of ragtag group he met in the oddest of ways. This is the story of how they met.

In Hillsfar, near the edge of the warehouse district, an unexpected scene was taking place. Two travelers from a distant land who had arranged to capture and sell a pegasus to a noble in Hillsfar. Finding themselves lost, they stood along the street trying to figure out where they were as a funeral procession made it’s way down the road. The sounds of mourners drowned out the yelling of a local merchant in an argument with the owner of a local tavern.

A half-elf by the name of Carl, in down looking to plot and scheme, decided one of the wheels on the cart of hired mourners should not be as tight as it was, used his magic to produce a little chaos. His companion, the druid, hoping to keep her friend out of too much trouble, followed him as he strolled away from the chaos.

Much to his dismay, the Paladin of Tyr had been searching the taverns of the area for help for Graydale and witnessed the spell casting, and called him out. A pursuit not unlike a game of ring around the rosey (with the rosey being the deceased William Dorlisch) ensued.

Meanwhile, Isa, a monk fresh from her monastery hoping to see if what she had learned could serve her in the real world, was passing through. She felt a sense of frustration at the caged pegsus longing to be free and sneaked up behind the foreign man, lifted the key from him and set the creature free. The man turned and the noise of hooves on metal and attempt to restrain the creature. The monk deceptively offer him help and took the rope, pretending to fail to capture the beast.

Carl, having alluded the half-orc, hid behind the coffin while his companion apologized to Ellaway, who had not been so easily tricked. The half-orc, having lost sight of the sorcerer, went to try to assist in securing the pegasus. Treating the creature like a common horse, he earned the creature’s disdain, and before lifting off into the sky, it attempted to bowl him over.

Isa, watched as the foreigner crumbled to the ground in tears, weeping over his total and utter ruin and the loss of entire family’s wealth. When she saw the coffin wagon about to make a mad dash out of the area, driven by Carl’s companion, she decided it was her ticket out of the scene.

The paladin of Tyr saw the new chaos and grabbed his gnomish companion, launching her into the back of the wagon, and jumping on himself.

As the cart barreled its way through the streets, they begain to argue. Carl insisted that coffin belonged to his family and that the man in side was his uncle Frank, then later, Steve, then Steve Frank, or was it Frank Steve. After much debate, a consensus was reached that the dead should be taken to the graveyard to be buried.

The journey there was interrupted at an intersection, filled with both anger and joy, as a wedding party danced in the streets while a nearby revolutionary shouted to the crowd about the injustices of the nobility. Carl listened to the man’s lies and decided he needed to be removed. But before Carl’s magic could do him in, the man incited a riot against a nobleman who was harassing a member of the wedding party. A mob arose which was only furthered when a local pickpocket’s gain were sent flying and screams of “GOLD!” filled the air.

After knocking Carl unconscious so that he could cause no more chaos, and in a bellowing voice, the paladin shouted for the crowd to stop, and despite the odds being greatly stacked against him, he managed to calm the crowd. Two nobles were caught in the stampede and severely injured, one to the point of death.

The group retired to a tavern they had heard about from a town cryer, The Blushing Sapphire, before healing the sorcerer’s injuries. The druid explained that her friend is not always like this and can be counted on more when there is money involved. The desperate travelers from Graydale finally decided that this might be their last, best hope.

Word spread through the tavern when Targen explained the dilemma of Graydale to his new companions. As it turns out, the tavern’s owner, Madeline, was the niece of the present day leader of the government in Graydale. After providing them with food, drink, and beds, she mentioned her dilemma with a local merchant, Gavin Dorlisch, who had essentially stolen six barrels of fine ale from her. The group investigated and found sufficient proof to have the man imprisoned.

Session Rewards

Experience: 300 (Level 2)
Down Days: 10
Gold: 0
Intangible Gains: Free food and drink at the Blushing Sapphire any time, and free beds when they are available.


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