Durham D&D

Session XXVI


Targen – Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard Enchanter (Michelle)
Isa – Human Way of the Shadow Monk (Jessica)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Battle Master Fighter (Jesse)
Ourbanos – Tiefling Trickery Domain Cleric of Mask (Will)
Captain Jim – Half-Elf Swashbuckler Rogue (Justin)
Brisco – Human Bard (Chris)

In trying to find leads on what is happening with the fiendish invasion of Toril that wiped Balder’s Gate off the map and affected Waterdeep, Thay, and Tymanther, not to mention Ourbanos’s casino and Jim’s ship, there was additional time. The group decided to reopen the investigation into Targen’s mother’s death.

Everything seemed to point to the matter being accidental. Two things seemed with be outstanding, her warning about Niels and a strange piece of wood on the bridge. The group also wondered about Adlar Feshami’s connection to Targen. He married a Graystag and his son, Corwyn, is rumored around town to be the father of Cathira Graystag’s two illegitimate children (Cathira being Niels’s sister).

The group tried to summon Obatala, the fiend they freed in the tower, only to learn that wasn’t her name. She had lied. The summoned avatar of the real Obatala knew of the fiend, Cimeries. Both did the bulk of their work in Chult. It was reluctant to get involved and danger Chult which had not been subjected to the threats yet.

The group also summoned Mask, who sent what seemed to be a disembodied voice. Voice gave cryptic answers, like, “They are not where they are, and where they are not, you will find them.” The conclusion seemed to be Chult. Mask also revealed that the nearest prominent member of the Nine Vigils, the cult responsible for the fiends, was in Graydale.

Searching Niels’s office, the group found blackmail documents for prominent people in the heartlands, particularly leaders of the Dales.

Confronting Niels while using a Mind Reading spell, they got him to think about the cult of the Nine Vigils, and the name Zahrdahl who happens to be one of the Graystags, came to mind.

The group also learns that Niels is able to read minds as well.

We leave the group as Ourbanos is about to attempt to alter Niels memory.


Experience: 3200
Down Days: 10
Coins: none

Mundane Treasure: Blackmail Records

Magical Treasure: none



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