Durham D&D

Session XXVII


Targen – Half-Orc Oath of Vengeance Paladin of Tyr (Sam)
Ellaway – Forest Gnome Wizard Enchanter (Michelle)
Isa – Human Way of the Shadow Monk (Jessica)
Bolton Thornhill – Halfling Battle Master Fighter (Jesse)
Ourbanos – Tiefling Trickery Domain Cleric of Mask (Will)
Captain Jim – Half-Elf Swashbuckler Rogue (Justin)
Brisco – Human Bard (Chris)

Ourbanos attempted to alter Niels’s memory of the event, but Niels was able to resist. He looked at Targen and said, “We don’t need you to end up in jail.” And then quaffed a potion and vanished. Jim through daggers where he had stood, but hit nothing.

The group decided to go an confront Zahrdahl Graystag about his involvement with the Cult of the Nine Vigils. Zahrdahl admitted to being an initiate. The cult had sought him out as a member of the local governing body, the Bevy, but Zahrdahl had never seen any of their faces. He was always addressed in solitude or called to meet in an isolated area. He only agreed because the Cult threatened to destroy the town if he didn’t, and they offered him protection when their masters were in control. He agreed to help our heroes, provided that the cult never learned of his involvement.

After checking in with Jebeddo, the group decided to follow up on their leads in Chult. Brisco knew of a Teleportation circle in Calimport and was able to take the group there quickly. In the enormous city, the group spent several days buying and selling magic items and stocking up for the trip. Jim arranged for a Galley to carry them across the sea.

Aboard ship they spoke with passengers who were headed to a city in the Chult jungle for the annual Dios sin Vida festival, a three day celebration of life which honors the dead. When the group arrived, they followed the other travelers down river to Oho del Rios, and the Rios de Sangre.

Arriving around sunset, they found the festival just beginning. The festival got off to a quiet start. People dressed in simple costumes and masks around themes of death. The entire city was alive through the length of the night. The group found no references to the fiendish incursion that was being experienced on the main land. References to the Erinyes, Cimeries, were all about. Some festival goers were even dressed up like her.

Learning from locals at the tavern, the group was able to discover that the town was run by a Matirarch whose son was in charge of the city guard, a group called Trueno Escolta. Three other groups, however, vied for control and influence. Each group was generally associated with a family, but no one could prove a connection.

- The Vallas Blancas – The Travieso family - The Nuevo Camino – The Santana family - Alacran Funesto – The Abascal family, several of whose members are priests of Obatala, the dominant local religion.

The night passed uneventfully and the next day was spent sleeping and recovering for most of the city. At dinner time, just before the festival was to resume, the group gathered in the tavern of the Bougainvillea to eat. The food was local but largely good. Ellaway sat with a group of Goblins and managed to convince them to join the humans at the family style table. Ourbanos chatted with two groups of merchants, one from Calimport, the other who had been here for a while because of delays from Baldur’s Gate. Ourbanos wrestled up the courage to tell them that their home city was gone, destroyed by the fiends.

At that moment, a grotesque fiendish creature burst through the front window. It stood ten feet tall, mouth agape, a maw filled razor sharp teeth several inches long. At the ends of its four arms were large hands with four fingers each, ending in claws the size of daggers. On its back were about a dozen large, translucent pustules, that when the light caught them right, could be seen to contain small spider-like creatures spinning around inside.

The room was filled with surprised people. The creature grab two of the Calimport merchants and rended their bodies, twisting them until they were dead, and then dropping them, limp, to the floor. There were screams and people running all around. Jim held his composure and attacked the creature. It pulled four of the pustules from its back and dropped them to the ground where they dissolved to leave spiderish fiends behind.

Targen and Ellaway leapt into action. Ellaway stunned two of the creatures into a hideous laughter, which from the mouths of spider fiends was terrifying. Bolton and Isa were overcome with fear and fled. Brisco shot a few arrows and then went to try to calm the other two.

While the fiend twisted its body to depart through the women, pulling itself up the side of the building, the group managed to dispatch the four spider creatures with considerable effort.

Running to the window, Targen could not find the larger creature. Ellaway cast a spell, looking for it, but the spell returned no answer. As Bolton and Isa returned with Brisco, Targen checked his wounds from the spider creature – a blemish, a black stain, remained on his skin where the creature had struck him.


Experience: 3200
Down Days: 10
Intangible: A new-found respect for the threats of this changing world
Coins: none

Mundane Treasure: none

Magical Treasure: various exchanges of magical objects.



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