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Intrigue in the Heartlands

This first portion of the campaign largely revolves around the back story events of one character, Targen Hecht, and the small Hamlet he is from, Graydale, in the Eastern Heartlands of the Forgotten Realms setting (around the Sea of Fallen Stars, Shadowdale, Zhentil Keep area).

I anticipate this story arch will carry the characters to about level 6-8, with residual campaign arcs that involve other back stories or the impact of the character’s decisions. (Already there are at least 5 events that could draw the characters in based on their past encounters and actions).

Character Creation

Basically my premise is that simple and balanced is easiest and best, but I’m always willing to work with the players if they want to try something different. That said, here’s my guidelines for character creation:

Setting: Forgotten Realms
Starting Level: 1 level below current average (as of 10/21/15 the average is 4)
Alignments: no evil
Otherwise, builds are exactly according to the D&D Adventures League – Stats: Custom Build (27 points), Max HP first level, Equipment based on your background and class.

I do ask that you write something short (bullet point, story, etc. not more than a couple pages) about the character’s life so far. Make sure to include a time they nearly died (and were saved by someone, just dumb luck, were captured instead, whatever). Help to give some life to your character.

Starting equipment is normal plus the following: any non-consumable spell components costing less than 101 gp, and magic items as follows:
Levels 1-5 – 1 consumable and 1 non-consumable magic item – common to uncommon
Levels 6-11 – as levels 1-5, plus 1 consumable and 1 non consumable magic item – up to rare.
Levels 12+ – as levels 6-11, plus select 1 additional magic time up to very rare, subject to GM approval.

After new characters have traveled with the group for a while, we can use some of the downtime to bring the new characters up to the groups experience and level. I feel there is importance in preserving the experience of a character living close to death, that is, after all, part of the adventuring lifestyle.

All that said, if there is a player with an interesting idea outside the book or who has a strong preference for some other form of creation, I’m willing to consider it, but the balance of the game will have to be preserved.

Main Page

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